Dust in the River Bed

April 4th - April 5th  – Muktinath to Jomsom Muktinath was quite the unexpected experience.  We stumbled into the town, tired and hungry.  The town is rather large compared to the villages we were staying at, like Lower Pisang and Leder.  (Leder was a cute little place, but was literally two buildings randomly along the trail. We... Continue Reading →


Crossing the Thorong La Pass

April 4th – Thorong La Pass My Garmin watch alarm went off at 3:30am and I was surprised I actually slept. Erin and I went to bed around 8:30pm, but sleep was light as it felt like the kind of sleep I get before a big race…which is very little and usually full of multiple... Continue Reading →

Altitude Sickness and Other Irrational Fears

It’s Wednesday afternoon and we are hanging out in quite possibly the nicest tea house since we started the trek.  I am feeling tired today, which is a little surprising because we really haven’t done too much today compared to previous days.  We hiked from Mukinath to Jomsom which was about 11.5 miles.  We got into Jomson... Continue Reading →

Learning about Rest

Wednesday, March 29th - Chame, Manang 13.2 total miles today, and 14 miles yesterday.  I am loving this trek. We have traveled through such diverse terrain, and todays trails made my heart happy. We got on some single track trails through the country, bypassing the min dirt road, and it reminded me of home.  The... Continue Reading →

Lost in Translation 

Monday, March 27th Our wake up call was set for 6 am, but my body hasn't quite flipped and I found myself laying wide awake at 3am. I couldn't hold in my laughter at the pigeons trying to break in our room and I was thankful that Erin was awake too and started laughing as... Continue Reading →

Kathmandu – Part 1

Sunday, March 26th We woke up 10 minutes before the wakeup call came, still confused about what time it was. My phone is stuck on Seattle time, Erin’s was stuck on Guangzhou time and neither of us could figure out how to add 12 hours and 45 minutes to my clock, because math is hard... Continue Reading →

Nepal 2017 – How it Began…

Well, the day has arrived! My dear friend and Jungle Sister (Erin Bean) and I are headed off to Nepal to hike the Annapurna Circuit. It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to hike in the Himalayas.  Growing up, my grandpa Hal would take me and my cousin hiking all over Washington, and from an... Continue Reading →

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