30+ Hours Awake and We Saw the North Pole

We were waiting in line to check in at the Vancouver airport, and Erin said to me “This won’t be so bad.  The flight will be just like a day of work!”

I looked at her confused and said “you mean two days of work?”

It was in that moment that Erin first realized that our flight first flight was 13.5 hours and our second flight was 5.5 hours.  This would make for 19 hours of flying.  We both started laughing, checking our itinerary, confirming the times, verifying the time change (Nepal is 12 hours and 45 minutes ahead of Seattle… odd right?!) and then stood there totally confused about what day we actually were landing in Nepal.  Saturday night? Or Sunday?  Erin was convinced it was Friday.  This was not the case.

At Vancouver airport… excited and energized!

When you fly internationally, or on long flights, it’s important to be on the same page as the person you are flying with.  Praise God neither Erin or I can sleep on planes.  We had a very entertaining 19 hours of travel.  Pushing our fears aside about what the heck was leaking and causing a consistent flow of water dripping over my head the first 15 minutes of the flight, we laughed about everything and did out best to not be the annoying, loud Americans.  I am not so sure we were successful.  Erin’s touch screen didn’t work well, and we tried very diligently to come up with the right combination…probably totaling an hour of aggressive screen tapping over the total flight.  We synced our movies (4 in total) and became pros at sneaking airplane photos because phones aren’t allowed on China Southern airlines – not even in airplane mode. 

As we guessed where we were flying over, our conversations looked something like this…

Erin: “Woah, what is that?”
Me: “I don’t know it came out of nowhere!”
Erin: “Is that the North Pole?”
Erin: “Oh, I think it’s Alaska.”

The North Pole… aka Alaska

We had a two hour lay over in Guangzhou, China and things started getting hard.  By “things” I mean proper brain function.  We had been up for over 24 hours at this point and decisions such as “should I drink this water?” were taking twice as long to answer, it took me about 5 minutes to figure out how to order and say “Americano” and our confidence that we were actually on the right terminal connection bus was non-existent.  Neither of us have ever been to China, and things were just a little different. Thankfully we made our connection flight, after quadruple checking and confirming the numbers we could read.  

On the plane to Nepal. This is what delirious looks like….

We fought sleep on the flight to Nepal and we were anxious to get to the hotel.  We had no idea what to expect upon arrival.  When we arrived in Nepal, everyone seemed to know what they were doing and everyone had their own personal pens out for the arrival cards.  We missed that memo.  We waited in line, got our Visas and through customs feeling relieved.

We were welcomed by Stefan (not totally sure on the spelling), Jiban’s son from Shangri-La Nepal Trek, who took us to our Hotel and assured we got checked in and settled.  I enjoyed getting to know a little bit about Stefan, his family, his education and was excited to learn he spent some time in Seattle as well.  Even in my delirious state, I couldn’t help but ask all the questions… haha.

We got settled in the Yak n Yeti and tried our best to grab a few hours of sleep before a fun day of touring, planning and packing ahead of us on Sunday. 

My belly is already sore from the laughing and it’s only day one.


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