Learning about Rest

Wednesday, March 29th – Chame, Manang

13.2 total miles today, and 14 miles yesterday.  I am loving this trek. We have traveled through such diverse terrain, and todays trails made my heart happy.

We got on some single track trails through the country, bypassing the min dirt road, and it reminded me of home.  The uphill climbs are tough and humble you quickly as the thinning air leaves you feeling out of shape.  I love the challenge though.  We climbed quite a bit today and I just kept thinking how thankful I am for all those weighted vest step ups that Tonia had us do at Terrain in the last few weeks.  I felt strong today and that’s largely because of Nikki (friend and PT) and the strength training at Terrain. My post surgery timeline was tight, but I had a team out outstanding professionals and the moral support of an incredible tribe of friends and family that believed this was possible, and it’s because of them that I am here.

We are finishing each day way ahead of schedule, which Erin and I really enjoy.   We like getting to our overnight spots early before other trekkers come into the villages.  Every place has been so nice , and Kumar as done a stellar job of making Erin and I feel comfortable and safe.  At every place we have stayed, they offer tea upon arrival.  Last night, Erin and I discovered “Hot Lemon”.  They offer this at every place too, and we tried it for the first time last night.  This is quite possibly my new favorite drink.  It may be hot Country Time Lemonade… we aren’t quite sure… but we don’t really care.  It’s the most amazing thing at the end of a day of trekking.

Our stay tonight is at a village “Chame”.  It’s larger than any of the other villages we have come across, and we were corrected when we asked how big it was and we were told it was a “city”.  I would estimate maybe 50 people live here, and you can walk down the entire main stone road of the town in 2 minutes, but out here it seems huge.

Our tea hut tonight is very nice, and since we are so early it’s been nice to just relax and read a bit.  I am learning a lot about rest here, and God has made it abundantly clear that this needs to be a priority in my life.  Rest, by definition means; to cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.

I have a hard time disconnecting from work, from life and from my own head.  It usually takes me a few days to unwind on vacation, but being disconnected from the world and out in the nature, my thoughts are incredibly loud and I actually am aware of what I tell myself and think about all the time.  Being present and in the moment is not something I excel at, and that has been made exceedingly obvious to me.  In my life, I am constantly thinking about what’s next, planning ahead, worried about things I didn’t do, worried about things I have done, concerned about things I have said to people, questioning my decisions (or lack of decisions), hyper-analyzing situations, unable to enjoy others at times because I am anxious about the next thing to do and my gosh how exhausting! The past few weeks I have started actually tracking my sleep and my 7 day average was about 5 hours and 40 minutes.  I may be high functioning on little sleep, but I am not longer proud of that, I don’t think that is wise and I am going to change that.  I work at a Sleep Medicine clinic for crying out loud.  I know better.

I am learning what it means to be in the moment… to truly be present here.  It sounds so simple, but I am struggling with it.  Erin is such a great balance for me.  She appreciates a slow pace life, and I am learning.  We are similar in so many ways, but opposites in many others as well.  It’s fun to see the differences, and not want to kill each other because of them, rather we celebrate them and laugh about it… a lot.  I am feeling incredibly thankful that I have 2.5 more weeks to unpack some more of this stuff and maybe make some shifts when I return.


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