Dragons and Potholes and Miles, Oh My!

Well, I finished. It was not pretty, but I crossed the finish line. The day started off early with a 4:30am wake up.   Between Amber, Court and I, we had a combined three hours of sleep. Amber did not sleep at all, I slept one hour and Courtney squeaked out a refreshing two hours.   I... Continue Reading →


Three Weeks to Go…

Sunday was a big day.  Not only did the Seahawks pull out an amazing overtime Super Bowl–rematch win against the Broncos (Go Hawks!), Sunday marked three weeks until the Chicago Marathon. This reality is causing a roller-coaster of emotions and thoughts.  The prevailing questions that continue to occupy my mind are “Have I done enough?”... Continue Reading →

Lessons from a Bee

I startle very easily. “Very easily” actually might be an understatement. It’s quite ridiculous, really. From spiders to people, critters of all sizes catch me off guard time and again, nearly giving me a heart attack. My lack of ability to remain calm in ‘startling’ situations hit an all-time low last week. However, I truly... Continue Reading →

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